Where does your meat come from?

Our meats come from farms across the country, each with a long-standing relationship with Wild Fork™. We are proud to work with this incredible group of professionals who have generations of animal husbandry experience and ethical practice. For example, our beef comes from Colorado and Nebraska, our chicken from Florida, Pork from Iowa, and our premium Lamb is from Australia!

How do you age your meat and for how long?

Wild Fork™ Foods meat is wet-aged. Wet-aging is the 'new kid on the block' when it comes to aging. With wet-aging cuts of meat are vacuum-sealed in plastic and at a temperature just above freezing while aging takes place. By wet-aging the enzymes have time to tenderize the meat.

What is the difference between wet aged and dry aged?

Dry-aging is when whole beef cuts are hung in open air at a temperature just above freezing and left to age for several weeks. During dry-aging the enzymes are working on the muscle tissues, and the meat is slowly dehydrating. With wet-aging the cuts of meat are vacuum-sealed in plastic and at a temperature just above freezing while aging takes place with no weight loss to the meat due to dehydration.

Do you have stores?

We currently only have our mobile store in the Miami area, with promising expansion opportunities in the near future. Stay tuned!

What if I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

If you’re anything but delighted with your Wild Fork™ Foods purchase, bring it back and we’ll help you find something you will love. 

How do you thaw the product?

Plan ahead, or do it right when you need it. If you are a planner and want to use the next day, simply remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator. After letting it sit overnight, the product will be ready to cook in the morning! However, if you forgot to take it out and would like to have it today, all you need to do is put the product, in its packaging under running water for 30-45 mins.

Why Frozen?

Our proprietary freezing technique enables us to deliver exceptional meats at their peak of freshness, and our signature method, the Wild Fork™Way, ensures that you’re getting a delicious, nutritious meal every time, at low prices you’ll love as much as our products. The Wild Fork™ Way snap freezing helps retain the natural juices found in meat that are normally lost due to evaporation.

Why is your meat aged?

We believe you should always have a great eating experience. The experience starts with the right ingredients that have been handled the right way. At Wild Fork™ Foods we wet-age our meat in its respective natural juices found in meat to help tenderize and deliver a more flavorful eating experience. Our beef is aged for a minimum of 21 days and our pork is aged for a minimum of 8 days.

What’s the difference between USDA Prime and Black Angus?

One is a grade of beef and the other is a breed. USDA Prime is a marbling grade on the cut of meat itself. This marbling is the fat in between the muscles which adds tenderness and flavor to the meat. Only 3% of all meat in the USA is graded as USDA Prime! Black Angus is a breed of cattle different than your commodity breed. It has a more beefy flavor and Angus cows are typically more fatty adding more flavor to the meat! So it is completely normal to find USDA Prime Black Angus beef which we have!

What is Never Ever?

Our Never Ever product line is just that: Never Given Antibiotics, Never Given Hormones and are Vegetarian-Fed. Our Never Ever product line can be found in our Beef, Chicken, and Lamb offering, with more of the offering to come in other categories.

What is the difference between Grass-Fed & Organic?

Grass-Fed simply means that the animals were allowed to forage and graze for their own fresh food. During the winter they may be provided substitutes like alfalfa, the focus is on providing the closest thing to a natural diet as possible. Grass is much higher in key nutrients like Omega-3s and B vitamins, and result in steaks that are leaner, healthier, and much more flavorful. Organic is not about how the cattle is raised, as is the case with Grass-Fed, but it describes how the animal was NOT raised. Organic animals CANNOT be confined in a feed lot for any extended period of time, cannot be over-crowded or kept in unsanitary conditions, and cannot be directly or indirectly exposed to artificial pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, or other synthetic contaminants.

I live far away, will the product thaw on my way home?

Anything frozen will thaw when left out.  In most cases, depending on the product, you can typically drive home with it up to an hour as long as you keep it out of the sun.

How long can I keep the product in my freezer?

Each of our product has a "Best Used Date" placed on the back of the package at time of packaging. The product should be maintained in the freezer and used before the "Best Used" date seen for a great eating experience.

Can I refreeze the product?

No.  You should not refreeze a package after you have fully thawed it.

What is air-chilled?

Air-Chilled is all about how chicken is brought to safe cool temperatures quickly, after de-feathering. The air-chilled method uses freezing cold air, which allows the natural chicken flavor to be maintained and NOT diluted or moisture removed.